12 Volt Electric Cooler Safety Tips

Electric Cooler Safety

1. Food Safety
Bacteria can grow in food quickly at 40°F and beyond, and most e-coolers only cool their contents 30-40°F below the ambient temperature. So be aware of the ambient temperature, your particular food, rate of spoilage, and the length of time you'll need to cool perishable items.

2. Don't over pack, and don't obstruct the fan.
Only fill a cooler to its rated capacity. Failure to do so may result in a broken strap or handle. In addition, overfilling the cooler forces it to under perform in terms of cooling. In some coolers, it's possible to block the fan with food items, so be sure to give it room to breathe.

3. Don't use improper, frayed or excessively hot power adapters.
Only use the power adapters appropriate to your cooler. Never jury-rig an adapter. If an adapter frays, replace it immediately. 110v AC adapters show moderate heat normally but you should be able to touch it without discomfort. A 12v cooler is the most common electric cool box, and a 12 volt cooler typically uses a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. These shouldn't get hot at all.

4. Not every electric cooler is waterproof.
Some e-coolers, especially cheap models, are not waterproof, so leaving them out in the rain can present problems with some designs. If you need an all-purpose unit for camping and the like, don't just assume; verify it before making the purchase.

5. Clean and dry your cooler regularly.
One of the great advantages e-coolers have over traditional ice chest is that they require far less maintenance; there's no draining and whatnot. But e-coolers can still collect moisture inside and out due to condensation, and failure to dry it can cause an unpleasant smell and eventually become a health risk.

6. Child Safety
Be careful with children around the coolers. An e-cooler may seem harmless but there is power involved, and some coolers expose fan blades that children with small fingers can access. However, there's little chance of significant injury.