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Why You Should Buy an Electric Cooler

While shopping for a cool box or an ice chest for your summer adventures, you're bound to run into electric coolers, which are becoming incredibly popular thanks to advancing technology and lowered costs. And you might ask yourself, why should I buy an electronic cooler? Well, let's examine the answers.

1. Temperature
Whether a cooler is electric or uses ice, it can only maintain a certain temperature below ambient, the maximum being around 40°F below ambient. The most common and least expensive e-cooler is a 12v cooler, and a 12 volt cooler easily and efficiently maintains a temperature 30°F below ambient. A traditional cooler fully packed and with fresh ice will do that but it will be a struggle to maintain it. An 110v cooler, on the other hand, can achieve and maintain 40°F below ambient easily.

2. Convenience
Electric coolers are convenient because they don't require ice. When you're ready to use it, you simply plug it in. And when you're done, you simply unplug it. You usually don't even have to wipe it out. With a traditional cooler, you have to drain it, clean it and dry it.

3. Savings
Electric coolers aren't nearly as expensive as you think they are. In fact, most vendors price their e-coolers competitively with comparable non-electric models. And the extra money you do pay, you'll get back quickly because you'll save money on ice and time on maintenance.

4. Versatility
By default, most e-coolers get power by connecting to the cigarette lighter receptacle in your car. That means that wherever you go, you have a convenient and accessible power source for your cooler. But you also have the option of getting an AC adapter, which will allow you to plug it into any wall outlet, and you can also get a USB adapter, which allows you to plug it into electronic devices.

5. Home and Away
A classic ice chest is far too inconvenient and messy to be much use at home. But a station-based electric cooler is convenient, such as out in the garage, and it doesn't cost nearly as much as a mini fridge. And you can even shut it off when it's not in use. If you want the best of both worlds, buy a combo unit, which is station-based but portable when you need it.

Where can I buy electric coolers?

Portable electric coolers can be found in most major truck stops and several online shops. You can normally find an excellent selection of 12 volt coolers online at which is of course the best place to shop for anything 12 volt on the internet to date.

What are Electric Coolers?

Electric coolers are like traditional, insulated cool boxes; they let you keep food and beverages cooler to some degree than the ambient temperature. That's convenient for ballgames, the beach, picnics, road trips and so forth. But an electric cooler is even handier than a regular cool box because it doesn't require ice. That means less cost, hassle, maintenance and mess long-term.

The most common type of an electric cooling unit is the 12v cooler, also called a travel cooler. A 12 volt cooler typically includes a cigarette-lighter car adapter that simply plugs into any standard cigarette lighter receptacle. But users aren't limited to just that power source. A common 12v-to-110AC adapter allows you to plug the cooler into any North American wall outlet, including those at hotels. And a 12v-to-USB adapter allows you to plug the unit into computers and other electronic devices.

Most 12-volt and larger coolers are available in portable, station-based and combination designs. Portable units are available both with hard shells and soft-sided shells while most station-based and combo units tend to be hard shell only. Soft-sided coolers maximize convenience and portability because they're easy to fit, have adjustable shoulder straps, exterior beverage holders, external zippered pockets for easy access and even cell phone pockets.

The station-based units are a great option when you want easy access to a small refrigerator without the cost of a full-size or even a mini refrigerator, such as in the garage or basement. In some cases, the units attach directly to the wall, near an outlet, and you can turn them off when not in use. With a combination unit, you attach a base to the wall. The cooler fits into the base when used at home but serves as a hard-shelled portable unit when you're not.

Many people expect electric coolers to be expensive but that isn't the case, and most retailers tend to price their e-coolers competitively with the ice-using alternatives. A large, hard-shelled ice chest from a name manufacturer can be a surprisingly big purchase, but it won't cost you much more to get the convenience of electric. And if you're someone who uses your cooler often, you'll recoup any added cost quickly thanks to the money you'll save not buying ice and the time you'll save not cleaning up the mess.

Types and Features of Electric Coolers

Power: 12/24v DC vs. 110/220v AC
The big difference between most e-coolers is power usage. The most common unit is the 12v cooler because these tend to be small, inexpensive and convenient. But a 12-volt cooler doesn't have enough juice for a large capacity or even a medium capacity at maximum temperature below ambient.

Power Adapter
Most electric cooling units, whether they are 12v or 110v, include a cigarette-lighter power adapter by default. Since most people use their coolers on the road, this allows them to keep it cool without ice while driving. But you can also power it through a standard wall outlet or even a USB port by using an optional adapter. A wall outlet adapter is perfect for keeping it cool in the motel overnight.

Shell: Hard vs. Soft-side
Just like traditional coolers, electric coolers are available with hard or soft exteriors. Coolers with hard exteriors still have hard tops and bottoms. The benefits of soft-sided e-coolers are that they're versatile, lightweight and usually less expensive than the hard-shell alternatives. The advantages of hard-shelled coolers are capacity and durability; these coolers are an investment that last a long time.

Style: Portable, Station & Combo
Whether hard or soft, the most popular cooler are the portable ones, which have either a strap or a handle that makes them easy to tote. And when a soft-sided portable cooler is not in use, simply fold it up and stow it. Station-based units are not quite as convenient. However, they are an excellent option for those that want a home-based cooler without the cost of a mini fridge. Combo e-coolers try to offer customers the best of both worlds. They're not available with a soft shell but they also don't permanently affix to the wall. Instead, you attach a base to the wall. When using it at home, you put the cooler in the base, but when out on the road, the cooler acts just like any other portable cooler.

Other Features
For portability, the most important feature is the strap or handle. When choosing it, ensure that it's comfortable and durable enough for the load. Other popular features include beverage holders, trays, external case pockets, zippered pockets and even cell phone pockets.